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Donate Form

Your generous donation will be immemorialized with a beautiful, brass plaque:

$5,000 – Your name on steps inside the school
$10,000 – Your name inside the school entrance

$20,000 – Your name in front of the school

$50,000 – Classroom named after you or a loved one



Help Us Help Families!

Every year we help families by providing over $50,000 in tuition assistance.

This need grows from year to year with more and more families struggling to keep up with the high costs of living.

Our own expenses keep rising too, health insurance, building maintenance – this year a new boiler was needed, next year it may be roof repairs, and so on.

We need YOUR help to improve our nursery!

This year we want to provide climbing lofts and outdoor blocks

Children need to be able to go outside to play and when weather is bad they need to be able to develop their gross motor skills with safe indoor activities.

We would like to purchase a new outdoor playset

Children will use this playset in all weathers – they use it for pretend play, for climbing and sliding, developing their strength as well as using their social skills to create dramatic scenarios with others.

Please consider making a donation to help us purchase one for our children.