School Director

    I was born and educated in Ireland, and there I taught High School and Elementary School children. Working with very young children has been the most fulfilling and rewarding part of my career. My best teaching moments happen when I can be in the moment and listen to the children, then we are all learning together. Children are so much more connected with the power of the unconscious, and every day I learn from them how to let go of preconceived ideas and be humble in the face of their innate creativity. I believe that all good teachers are artists, capable of being in the moment, and responsive to the children who are their audience, and their inspiration.  I am the author of three books:  The Children’s Bill of Emotional Rights,  Emotional Education, and Ten Steps to an Emotionally Healthy Child.  These books illustrate my philosophy of developing an emotionally healthy child so we can have an emotionally healthy world.  And both illustrate the methodology we use at our school.



  • Elaine Eng

    Deputy Director/ Head Teacher Twos Class

    I have been teaching at Little Mish since 2002 as the head teacher of the Twos class. I have experience teaching children ages 2-10 years. I earned a degree in Early Childhood education and Elementary education through NYU and Brooklyn College. I came into teaching because of my love for children and the belief that all children deserve a great education. I believe that all children are natural learners and have a basic curiosity in the world around them. I feel my role is to facilitate young children by providing a warm, supportive and creative environment for children to grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Working at Little Mish has made me more aware of the whole child and honoring them as individuals. The philosophy of being there to listen and validating a young child’s feelings has been a focal point for me during my years teaching at Little Mish. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy cooking, baking, listening to music and visiting the city’s great museums.



  • Isabel Ramirez

    Senior Assistant Teacher 3s/4s Class

    I enjoy laughing and playing with the children in this class. I am blessed because I have the opportunity to get to know the children. I learn about their interests and the way they interact with each other. It is very interesting to see how they grow as individuals during the school year. Not only do I work with children, but I am raising my own children at home.  I am not only the Assistant Teacher of the Threes/Fours class, I am also Head Teacher of the After School program.

  • Glennis Ramirez

    Senior Assistant Teacher Twos Class

    I am an assistant teacher in the Twos classroom at Little Mish, and I have previously been working in the fours classroom. I have enjoyed being at Little Mish, there is a very big family environment-the teachers are close as well as the children. As well as teaching I am also learning at Little Mish not only from the rest of the teachers but also from the children. I am also the cooking class teacher for the whole school. I have four wonderful children, two who are twins. I enjoy and look forward to bringing new experiences to your children every day.

  • Kathy Ramirez

    Head Teacher PreK Class
    I started working at Little Mish in 2007 when I was in High School, as an assistant afterschool teacher and from then on I fell in love with Little Mish, the teachers, the classrooms, the children, the ambiance and the philosophy. I’ve always loved children because of their curiousity and their yearning to want to know more about the who, what, where, when, why, and how of things. I believe that not only do the children learn from the teachers, parents and guardians but we have a lot to learn from them as well.  I am currently Head Teacher of the PreK program.
    As the oldest of four children, there is something that stuck to me from when I was a child and that is that you should always keep that inner child in you. Growing up I was always taught that it is normal and acceptable to have any and all feelings and that I should freely express my emotions; with that I continue with the same lesson to the children I am around because feelings are a crucial part of life and being able to express them in a healthy manner is even more important. The biggest lesson I have learned so far with working with children is that each child is individual and unique and they should be treated as such.  In Spring 2015, I obtained a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a concentration on Education, and I am currently pursuing my Masters. On my free time I enjoy painting, reading, dancing, singing, playing sports, and spending time with my loved ones.
  • Kelsey Glass-Johnston

    Head Teacher 3s/4s Class

    I grew up in the suburbs of New York, and, after college in Chicago, in 2011 I returned to New York and began working as an assistant teacher in the Threes class at Little Mish. I am now Head Teacher for the 3/4s class. I am available as a listening ear for the children—I spend my days talking to the children, reading to them, doing dramatic activities with them, asking them questions, playing with them, watching them play, putting visually stimulating objects in their field of vision and seeing what they do, and observing them. I see my job as being a facilitator of a child’s self development. I try to help create a classroom environment that gives children the safety and the space they need to grow. Inspired by the example set Little Mish parents, students, and other teachers, I strive to nurture a genuine respect for each child in the class. Outside of my work at Little Mish, I spend a lot of time doing improvisation and theater, both of which are very similar to being in a classroom full of three year olds.

  • Jessica Rubio

    Teacher 3s Class

    I had been a substitute teacher at Little Missionary’s for the Twos and Threes classes in 2013. I love working with these children. I learn a lot from them, just being around them for the short time that they are there. I’ve noticed that every child has their own personality, and different ways of dealing with situations. I have grown to have this bond with the other teachers at little Mish, not just working with coworkers, but instead like a small family that we all are a part of. This will be my fourth year as assistant teacher and I am truly excited  to be a part of this environment, helping these wonderful children find themselves. Not only will I be helping the children they might also be helping me find out things about myself that I have yet to discover. I am pursuing my studies majoring in psychology. I enjoy learning about people and how their minds work, I love reading and writing but most of all I love spending time with my family and friends.


  • Jessica Adam

    Teacher Threes Class

    I remember as a child wanting to work with children when I became an adult. My family can attest; my favorite activity was to play school, I would gather my students-dolls, stuffed animals, any available family member-and read them stories or give spelling tests. I loved going to school as a child, and even after college I went to graduate school at Hunter College, where I received my Masters in School Counseling.

    I have been working with children for over 10 years, in their homes as a babysitter, and in schools as a teacher and counselor. I love the curiosity children have when exploring their world, and I enjoy watching as they make a new discovery. I believe children constantly learn through their environment, and I hope to guide the children I teach in conversations with their peers or feelings that arise throughout the day. I love to teach at Little Mish, to read stories to my students, and to join them as they discover their world. I have been working with the children on a “Friendship Powers” curriculum in which I help children to learn to communicate their feelings in a group and grow social skills.  I am excited to continue this work and grow the curriculum in Little Mish.

  • Angelina Landress Bowkett Dean

    Head Teacher k/1 Class
    This is my fifth year teaching at Little Mish.  For four years I worked as assistant teacher in the 2/3’s, 3/4’s, two years in Pre-K. This  year a I will be leading the K-1 program, as the head teacher.
    I consider myself to be a chameleon when it comes to my teaching style. This means that I shift and adapt to what my students need, in real time! 
    Though my teaching style is constantly evolving, my philosophy stays the same. I believe that a successful student is one that is emotionally intelligent, has a healthy self esteem, is an active member in their community, is responsible for their own actions, and feels trust in their environment. I help children achieve this by creating a nurturing learning environment where students are center stage, and I am a guiding force. When I’m not teaching I’m making jewelry, reading books, and traveling. 
  • Fiona Sawyer

    Teacher PreK Class

    I am a graduate of Keene State College, where I studied Sociology and Art History. I am very excited to be working as an assistant with the Twos and Threes this fall. I have been a counselor at The Pelham Art Center. There I instructed children ages three to five in making art, putting on plays, and tended to their emotional needs. I have also been a babysitter for over ten years, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. It thrills me to watch the children grow and to help them explore their creativity. I always try to be attuned to the emotional needs of children. My psychoanalyst parents have promoted my understanding of emotional development, which I see as such an important part of education. I am in total agreement with the educational philosophy of Little Mish and love its warm, empathic community. In my free time I enjoy yoga, tennis, movies, hiking, photography, and art.

  • Ben Tupper

    Teacher preK Class/Music Teacher

    I earned a Bachelor’s in Music from Pomona College and a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education. I have been working with children for six years in various capacities: as a student teacher, a classroom teacher, and a music teacher. I love pretend play, reading books, and sing alongs. I believe that music is a special medium that helps all children (and adults!) participate and become part of a community. Music also helps create stimulating multi-sensory experiences, like clapping, pounding, dancing, singing, and becoming aware of your own body. In music and in general, I am often surprised by the creativity and fearlessness of the children in my classroom. I am interested in following children’s ideas and helping to extend them as far as they can go.

  • Melissa Kaskel

    Teacher Twos Class

    I am so excited to be part of  Little Missionary as a teacher’s assistant for Elaine’s 2’s class! Growing up as the oldest in a big family, I have always known I am a natural with kids and love spending time with them. I am a graduate from Rollins College with a degree in English. This will be my second year in the Twos class as assistant to Elaine.

  • Kelsey Podaras

    Teacher 2s/3s Class

    This is Kelsey’s second year in our school. She graduated in May 2018 from The New School University with a degree in Literature and Gender Studies.  During the year 2018-2019 she was assistant in the 2s 3s class, and will continue in this role for 2019-2020.  Kelsey is a kind and loving teacher who brings a special sensitivity to children into her practice.

  • Anna Lewis

    Head Teacher 2s/3s

    I have a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education and a background in theater. To me, there is no greater joy or job than to help children find their way to be their authentic self in the collective community. I love to make art, read books, cook, explore nature, and play pretend with children. I learn so much from them. I have taught at the 92Y and the 14Y and am looking forward to my second year as Head Teacher at Little Mish. I have three children of my own and am an invested member of the East Village Community.

  • Maria Benker

    Teacher 3s/4s Class
    A chance encounter in 2017 led me to a position with the after-school program at East Village Community School. I also started working as a substitute assistant teacher at the Children’s International Workshop, a preschool in Union Square. Up until then, I had been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years.  It soon became clear to me that I truly enjoyed working with children, and I had a flair for it! This past summer, I had the good fortune of being placed in my current position as an assistant teacher at Little Mish in the 3/4’s class. I am so proud to be a member of the Little Mish family and I am excited about beginning my second year there!
    My daughter attended Little Mish last year (the 3’s class). As a former Little Mish parent, I know firsthand how special the school is. My beliefs around children and education are right on par with the schools’ philosophy. With an emphasis on emotional well-being and open communication, I strive to provide a warm, safe and supportive environment for the kids of Little Mish.
  • Nick Morris

    Head Teacher 3s Class

    I am so happy to be joining the 3s classroom at Little Mish! The philosophy of the school deeply resonates with my own practice as an artist-educator. Having worked with kids as a nanny, an afterschool teaching artist, and a middle school writing teacher, my interest lies in supporting children’s emotional and creative expression. I see every classroom as an ensemble, each student and teacher as an improvising participant contributing to the growth of the group. My goal as a teacher is to listen deeply to each child and to build loving spaces for learning. Some passions of mine that I hope to bring to the class: community circles, music, poetry, storytelling, art, and meditation. I hold a BA in Creative Writing from Pitzer College and recently received an EdM in Arts in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

  • Alice Owen

    Teacher 2s/3s Class

    I am so excited to join Anna’s 2’s and 3’s class as an assistant teacher. I was born not far from Little Missionary and spent my childhood in downtown Manhattan. Growing up, my mother owned and ran a children’s clothing store in TriBeCa. Even as a child, my role was to help the children who came into the store with their parents. I have always been drawn to caring for children, and I always hoped to do so professionally someday. My college education at Antioch in Yellow Springs, Ohio, further guided me toward this pursuit.  While at Antioch, I studied psychology and had the opportunity to intern at a play-based and child-centered preschool. My current graduate school studies at Hunter College in Early Childhood Education: Birth to Second Grade, is serving me well as I integrate my studies into the classroom. Joining Little Missionary is particularly special to me as I have lived in the East Village for the past 14 years, and I look forward to deepening my connection to our community. It is such a gift to help care for our community’s children.